Lance Corporal James Hewitson

Born: 15/10/1892

Died: 02/03/1962

Unit: 1/4th Battalion, The King’s Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment

Location of VC action: Near Givenchy, France

Date of VC action: 16/04/1918

Citation: In a daylight attack on a series of crater posts, Lance Corporal Hewitson led his party to their objective with dash and vigour, clearing the enemy from both trench and dugouts, killing in one dugout six of the enemy who would not surrender. After capturing the final objective, he observed a hostile machine-gun team coming into action against his men. Working his way around the edge of a crater, he attacked the team, killing four and capturing one. Shortly afterwards, he engaged a hostile bombing party which was attacking a Lewis gun post. He routed the party, killing six of them. The extraordinary feats of daring performed by this gallant NCO crushed the hostile opposition at this point.

He is remembered in his local church in Coniston with a memorial plaque and on his local war memorial. His VC and other medals are currently in private hands.

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