About Me

Hello and welcome to the History & Moore blog!

My name is Bethany Moore and I’m a proud History nerd! My blog will be focused on the First World War, which is my greatest passion, and will bring together a variety of topics, from posts on individual divisions to how the First World War is portrayed in the media up to the modern day.

I have a BA in History and War Studies and an MA in History of Britain in the First World War, both from University of Wolverhampton. I am also a battlefield tour guide for Anglia Tours, where I am distinctly different to most of my colleagues, being a young female in a mostly, but not exclusively male profession. I believe that my different perspective and insights helps me to be the best guide I can be, and I hope that this will translate in my writing too!

I am really looking forward to writing this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it!


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