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War Diary Discoveries

When you’re a historian of the First World War, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest in you. From details of large scale offensives, to the fine details that you find when only reading through a war diary. And it is one of these details that has piqued my interest today and resulted in this blogContinue reading “War Diary Discoveries”

Remember in November…

November is a peculiar month. The wonderful colours of autumn are mostly gone, the days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. It also isn’t quite close enough to Christmas to start getting the decorations out or embracing the Christmas music (however tempting!).  Regardless of this, November is also a very special month,Continue reading “Remember in November…”

46th (North Midland) Division – Battle of the St Quentin Canal – 29th September 1918

In previous posts about the 46th (North Midland) Division, I have often highlighted the, what I believe to be, unfair assessments made of the division’s capabilities after the attack on the village of Gommecourt on 1st July 1916. The reputation of having ‘a lack of offensive spirit’ followed the division until almost the end ofContinue reading “46th (North Midland) Division – Battle of the St Quentin Canal – 29th September 1918”

What happened during the First World War? – September Part 2

Due to there being a large number of significant events in September, this post had to be split in two parts. This is Part 2, make sure not to miss Part 1! 1916                                1st – Bulgaria declares war on Romania. 3rd – The Battle of Guillemont – a phase of the Battle of the SommeContinue reading “What happened during the First World War? – September Part 2”


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