What happened during the First World War? – July

1914 5th – Austria-Hungary seeks German support for a war against Serbia in case of Russian militarism. Germany gives assurances of support, the famous ‘blank cheque’. 23rd – The beginning of the ‘Black Week’. Austria-Hungary sends an ultimatum to Serbia, demanding (among other criteria) that Serbia formally and publicly condemn the “dangerous propaganda” against Austria-Hungary,Continue reading “What happened during the First World War? – July”

1st July 1916: A Diversion

Today is the anniversary of the First Day of the Battle of the Somme. There are any number of stories that I could have chosen to cover to honour this day. I could have done an overall view of the first day itself. Maybe focusing on a unit and their outcomes on the day. Instead,Continue reading “1st July 1916: A Diversion”