46th (North Midland) Division – Battle of the St Quentin Canal – 29th September 1918

In previous posts about the 46th (North Midland) Division, I have often highlighted the, what I believe to be, unfair assessments made of the division’s capabilities after the attack on the village of Gommecourt on 1st July 1916. The reputation of having ‘a lack of offensive spirit’ followed the division until almost the end ofContinue reading “46th (North Midland) Division – Battle of the St Quentin Canal – 29th September 1918”

46th (North Midland) Division – Lens 1st July 1917

A while back, I published a post about the 46th (North Midland) Division. I have decided that I will write a post about each of the main attacks that the division was involved in during the First World War, starting with the attack on Lens/Liévin in July 1917. 1st July 1916 was not a goodContinue reading “46th (North Midland) Division – Lens 1st July 1917”

46th (North Midland) Division – A General History

The First World War has a very significant place in the collective memory of the United Kingdom, and other countries around the world for many reasons. One of those reasons being that ordinary young men who had never considered being in the armed forces before, were now enlisting in droves. The rapid expansion and recruitmentContinue reading “46th (North Midland) Division – A General History”